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always a perfect way to spend a day Lisa is our favorite massage therapist. When we are in Santa Cruz we consider an afternoon at Santa Cruz Balance Massage a priceless treat. I would recommend 90 minutes of Lisa's focused attention to anyone who needs to get centered.
Could Not Be Better! Lisa is super friendly! I did the new client special and got a great deal. You can book appointments online, which makes it really convenient. Also, she sends an email with thorough instructions on where to park and when to arrive, etc. This really shows professionalism. As for the massage, it was incredible! I've only had one other massage therapist that really worked on crinkly areas. Most do broad strokes. She did both! She validated all the places I said were tight, and targeted them. She was empathetic to the pain I had been enduring. I feel much better after the session. The massage aside, she gave wonderful recommendations for stretches and exercises to help prevent my problems and ease my pain. She didn't push for repeat business, but I was so impressed, I asked her how often she recommends coming. She was super reasonable. She said once a week while having problems, if that is possible, and then once a month for maintenance. Sounds good to me! She even stressed that tip was "totally optional," but she more than earned 20%! Oh, and she takes credit cards AND you can even tip on them. Seriously, this experience could not have been better!
Fantastic Lisa is incredible. I've tried a number of services in town and no one else compares. I refer all my friends and family to her.
Clarissa Infante
Lisa is amazing! I have had chronic muscle, sciatic and back pain and I was not sure what else to do. I took a shot and chose Lisa and I couldn't have made a better choice. I always walk out feeling so much better and relaxed. Since I started seeing Lisa I can feel a great difference in my body and in myself.